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Your Sermon

“The gospel cannot be preached tangibly enough.     A truly evangelical sermon must be like offering a child a fine red apple or offering a thirsty man a cool glass of water and saying: ‘Wouldn’t you like it?’”    ---Dietrich Bonhoeffer

All of us eloquently and powerfully “preach” by the life we live in our homes, community, work place, local church, recreational and social activities.   Does your life give a good account of what Christ has done on your behalf?  In other words, are  you preaching a sermon of...

            -Conviction in faith

            -Commitment in service

            -Faith in adversity

            -Joy in salvation

            -Integrity in word

            -Christ-likeness in relationships

Remember, it will be forever true that who you are, much more than what you say, is an “epistle known and read by all men.”