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Today Matters

Today.  24 hours.  1440 minutes of fresh, unsoiled time to be used for great good or great harm.  The choice is ours.

You may recognize that title from John Maxwell’s interesting and valuable book of the same name.  But I wonder, if Christians took that title seriously, how would that play out in our daily lives?

Today I will not be rendered useless by dwelling on yesterday’s mistakes or failures.

Today I will spend time communicating with my Father in Heaven.  Not just a passing word before consuming a meal, but true conversation in which I open my heart to the One who understands all.

Today I will have absolutely no time for self-pity or gossip.

Today I will speak to a friend or relative or co-worker about their greatest need -- a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Today I will do something tangible to challenge my mind, strengthen my body and honor the stewardship of my finances.

Today I will relegate self to second position and do something truly meaningful for someone else.

Today, by the grace of God, will count for something good.