Our Leadership

Our Leadership

The Leadership of the Temple Terrace Church of Christ

Every group of people needs leadership to grow, to function efficiently, and to make a difference through the work they do together.  The leadership of the Temple Terrace Church of Christ is based on the pattern laid out by God in the Bible.

Spiritual Shepherds

We are led by 13 spiritual shepherds—men chosen by the congregation to lead based on their age, life experience, and the qualifications given in the Scriptures.  These men do not run the church, but rather make decisions as a group, based on the wisdom and knowledge of God’s word they have gained through lives of service to God.  Our shepherds are:

Bruce Baird

Brian Crispell

Jay Duff

Joe Hammontree

Barry Hancock

Jim Harbaugh

Wally Hayes

Kerry Keenan

Jim King

Guthrie Nelson

Doug Nerland

Dave Roberts

Bill Siedenstrang


The shepherds are aided by 24 deacons—men also chosen to fill various roles based on their scriptural qualifications, their abilities and their willingness to work.  Our deacons are:

Brent Bennett

Alex Chong

Glenn Collett


Chad Dorrell


David D'vorak


Ryan Graham

Eric Graves

Devin Harbaugh

Jeremy Harbig

Neil Harbig

Roland Jones

Michael Kearley

Jason Kendall

Andy Koonce

Richard Latta

Rich Leggatt


Tyler Nerland


Todd Snapp

Wes Mallory


Brandon Nichols


Brad Sullins



Tim Morris


Matthew Richman


Philip Witherington


The church at Temple Terrace also financially supports three full-time evangelists, Don Truex, Kerry Keenan, and Jonathan Banning. Our ministers present Bible-based lessons each week from the stage, in the classroom, and in private studies that instruct and lead our members and our community in Bible study.

Don Truex

Kerry Keenan


Jonathan Banning


We believe God has blessed us by providing us with men who are willing and able to lead with strength and gentleness.  Our shepherds, deacons, and ministers lead this spiritual family with love and concern and provide us with good examples of faithful lives of service.