Adult Classes

Adult Classes

Bible Classes for Adults

Each quarter, the Temple Terrace Church of Christ is pleased to offer four Bible classes designed for adults.  The key to these offerings is balance; a balanced mix of Old and New Testament textual studies along with topical studies that address a variety of contemporary issues and challenges.  We are blessed with an array of talented teachers; men who have spent years studying the Scriptures and developing the skills necessary to teach Biblical truth and provide practical, daily applications.

We believe the Scriptures when they affirm that through God’s word we “gain understanding” and come to know all we need for “life and godliness” (Psalm 119:104; 2 Peter 1:3).  It is for that reason that we place such a high priority on our adult Bible classes and invite you to come and study and learn with us.

The following provides a sample of the adult classes that have been recently offered:

  • Revelation:  Unlocking the Secrets – Applying the Lessons
  • Tying It Together – The New Testament Letters In Context
  • Book of Hebrews
  • Life of Joseph – Living a Life of Many Colors
  • Life of Jesus – From the Gospel of Luke
  • Paul Writes to the Church at Thessalonica – I & II Thessalonians
  • The Heart & Soul of Christian Living – Studies in I Corinthians
  • Exodus:  “With A Mighty Hand “
  • Who He Is:  The Miracles & “I Am” Statements of Jesus
  • The Righteousness of God & Human Affairs
  • Daniel:  The  Universal Plan of  God
  • Galatians: From the Debt of Law to the Promise of Grace
  • Tearing Down Idols – Identifying & Overthrowing Modern Idols
  • The Life and Letters of the Apostle Peter
  • God’s Kingdom – Fulfilling Gods Plan for Service & Sacrifice
  • Growing Kingdom Leaders
  • Faith Under Fire: Studies in 1 & 2 Peter
  • The Book of Job - Walking By Faith In Times Of Trial
  • The Person & Work Of The Holy Spirit
  • Pursuing Christ-Likeness - Understanding the Model and Example of Jesus
  • What's In A Name - A Study of the Names of God & Jesus
  • Wisdom For The Ages - Studies in the Book of Ecclesiastes
  • A Shadow Of Things To Come - Shadows in the Old Testament Fulfilled in Jesus Christ
  • Hard Sayings of the Bible - A Study of Challenging Scriptures
  • "Do Not Let Your Heart Be Troubled" - Handling Hardships & Doubt